Saturday, October 11, 2008

Conference Weekend in Moab

So over conference weekend we went Jeeping in Moab. The boys were so excited-it is their very favorite place and they love the jeep! But Clint and all 3 boys decided to get sick while we were there (I was the only member of the family that didn't puke in Moab) so it ended up being kind of a disaster but we did have some fun moments too!
Here are the boys with some suckers from Sam! We were just starting out on the Poison Spider trail!

Here is Clint taking the Jeep across The Golden Crack

Going over some rocks on the same trail that day

On Saturday we went on the Behind the Rocks trail which was really fun other than Clint was still pretty sick after being up all night, but he still felt good enough to get us seriously stuck in the sand! Sam even had a pretty tough time pulling us out! Clint was having fun jumping the jeep over some sand hills-luckily she held up and is still in one piece!

Also Nik lost his very first tooth in Moab on Saturday! I'm pretty sure he swallowed it because he didn't notice it was gone until I told him it was! But now he has a cute little hole which is going to get bigger because the other bottom tooth next to it is loose!
Hopefully the next Moab trip will be filled with a lot less sickness but the boys still said they had fun and can't wait for the next Jeep Adventure!