Monday, August 31, 2009

Splash Park

We finally went over to the new plash park in highland and the boys had so much fun!
Noah, Nate & Nik





Nik & Noah

I just love Noah's face in this one, he had so much fun. He totally outlasted his brothers!


So I can't believe Nik & Nate are in kindergarten! They are growing up so fast! Their teacher this year is Mrs. Walker, who seems really sweet and they really seem to like her. So far they are loving school, all except for the part that I have to wake them up at 7 everyday! Here are some pics from their first day.
Nik & Nate all ready to go

Ready to walk in the door...Nik was a little nervous, Nate was just ready to go!
Of course the cougar showed up right after I took them in but Noah had fun getting some pics with him. Pre-school can't come fast enough for Noah now!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Noah is off...and only on 2 wheels!

My 3 year old seems way too little for this, but he has to keep up with his brothers! Noah decided it was time to take his training wheels off and off he went. He can start, turn & stop all with no help! Here are some photos of his day of biking.

Oh and Clint bought some new games for the Xbox today so this is what our Friday night is looking like...Exciting huh?!?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nik & Nate are 6!!!

Beware...Loads of pictures

I can't believe my little guys are 6. It seems like just yesterday they were only this big!
Nate & Nik 9 days old
1 year old
2 years old
3 years old
4 years old
5 years old
and now the big 6...

Nik with the traditional birthday pancake

Nate with his pancake
Noah had a rough day on their birthday. He was pretty mad about being the only one without a candle on his pancake and the only one with no presents to open.
not to mention he got a nail to the head the night before(although he seems pretty happy about it in this picture)
We made them wait until Clint got home to open their presents. But I did give them 1 to open that morning since they needed something to keep them busy til dad got home.
It's finally present time
Nate got his 'noise light saber'
Nik got his camera (he has already taken 300 pictures)
Here they are with their cake & cupcakes
I guess Nik wanted to show off the gum he got too
That night we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate.
Everyone had sooo much fun, especially Clint who won us almost 3000 tickets!!!
Nate with his favorite game
They even got to see Chuck E Cheese himself!
We had such a fun day! I am so lucky that I get to be Mom to these wonderful boys! I love you Nik & Nate, Happy Birthday!
Now next week...Kindergarten

Timp Cave

A couple weeks ago we went to Timp Cave with all of Clints family. I didn't take hardly any pictures which is sad but we had such a great time! All of the kiddos did so good and they thought the cave was pretty cool! Thanks Grandpa & Grandma Jepperson for planning such a fun activity!
Here is the heart of timpanogos

This is our sad try at a family photo in the cave

A couple weeks earlier I took the boys for a practice hike to the cave entrance with Camie, Max, & Grandma Jepperson just to make sure we could all make it for the real hike!
Here are the 4 boys under one of the tunnels

I love this one of my boys

When we got to the bottom Grandma bought us all giant ice cream cones YUM!!
I can't believe I don't have any pictures of Greg & Jill & their girls. The boys had so much fun playing with you guys and we can't wait till next time!

Carnival Pics...A little late

So I know Steel Days was a long time ago but I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures

Nik & Nate loved the roller coasters!

and the cotton candy
(Noah wanted nothing to do with cotton candy, he hated the texture of it! Crazy kid)

Here's Noah on the merry go round I asked him to smile so I got this

Nik & Clint on the Ferris Wheel, the boys loved being able to see each other!

I'm really glad carnival season has ended (so dirty and gross) but it is the boys favorite thing to do in the summer. When we ask Noah what he wants to do he still says almost every time "lets go to the carnival!" Good Times

Random Pics...
A couple weeks ago we went down to the PG Promenade and the boys had the time of their lives playing on the tire swing. I wish I would have got more pictures when Olivia & Audrey got on too. They had so much fun!

Here they are in the "bear cave" at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. They still get so scared of this bear sometimes, it is hilarious. I just love Noah's face in this pic!