Sunday, September 27, 2009

Park City

So we were planning on going camping last weekend but when Clint got home from work we decided it seemed like too much work and decided to go to Park City instead! It was a really fun weekend, we pretty much just swam the entire time! I even got one last good sunburn for the summer. We also took the boys down the alpine slide and they loved it! Nik & Nate can't wait to go next year and see if they are big enough to go down by themselves (that's a scary thought!)

Here is Nik

here is Nate...
and here is Noah...

On our way home we drove up to the Uintas and stopped by the provo river falls. It is so beautiful there! Then we went up to Mirror Lake but only got out for a minute because it started raining and hailing like crazy (which made me really glad we didn't go camping because that's where Clint had talked about going, we would've been freezing and drenched!)

Our exciting story from the trip to the falls is that Nik was walking through the water and stepped in a fast moving part and his flip flop flew right off his foot and over the edge. I thought for sure we'd seen the last of that flip flop but Clint hiked down and sure enough it had gotten pulled to the outside of the rivers edge and was just floating around!
The Flip Flop Rescuer!
I just love this picture of Nik!
Thanks Sweetie for a super fun weekend! You are the best!
Thanks for the best 9 years ever! I Love You!

Noah's 1st Field Trip

Noah went on his 1st field trip for preschool! It was to the fire station and he had so much fun! He also learned a lot which is always a plus. He has been saying "don't hide, go outside" a lot lately! Here are some pictures from his fun day.

Grandpa got a jeep!!!

So my dad finally convinced my uncle Mike to sell him his jeep! (for those of you who don't know I have wanted this jeep forever and I am very jealous) Well the boys got to go for a ride around the block in it the other day and they were soooo excited! They think it is so much cooler than our jeep (i agree, sorry clint) and we can't wait for Grandpa Brent to get it all ready so they can go for a jeep ride with us! Let us know when you're ready to go dad and we'll be there!

Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband

A few weeks ago we went to the Ryan Shupe concert and had so much fun!I love these guys and their concerts are so much fun!
I think the boys had just as much fun playing with their glow sticks as they did listening to the music! Nik & Nate thought these pictures were hilarious!

Here they are singing along to the music (probably the corndog song!)

We had a super fun night and can't wait to see them again at Christmas time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Noah started preschool this week and he absolutely loves it! He can't wait to go and wishes he could go every day like Nik & Nate. Here are some pictures from his first day.

He went in and found his cubby, sat down, and didn't look back!

Here he is with his teacher, Ms Amber, she seems super sweet and he seems to really like her.
I can't believe my baby is in preschool, how did that happen? He is growing up way too fast! But he sure is cute!!!

Another Fun Day at Thanksgiving Point

The Farm

The Dinosaur Museum