Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow Day!

The boys were so excited that it finally snowed again! They couldn't wait to get outside and play! I love that we can just step out the door and sled down the driveway!
Here are some pics from our fun day in the snow!

They boys couldn't wait to make a snowman! We only ended up with this little guy the snow was not very cooperative and it didn't pack well at all. But oh well I think it turned out pretty cute!
Clint pulled the boys around on a tube behind the 4-wheeler. They loved it!

This is what we get to see in our backyard almost every day! These deer come to the orchard next door to eat and they come hang out in our backyard too. It is so fun to see them and the boys think they are pretty cool too! There are even a few bucks with them (if you look closely you can see a 2 point in this picture)

We love the snow! It makes everything so beautiful! Hopefully we'll get some more soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Baby is 4!!!

So I can't believe my Noah turned 4! It seems like just yesterday he was this little guy...
And now all the sudden he turned into this big boy
The traditional birthday pancake
Noah LOVES Star Wars, he'd watch it everyday if we'd let him!
Clint got him some cap guns, he loves them even without the caps (thank goodness)
We went to Chuck E Cheese with a lot of extended family! Noah had a such a great time...almost as much fun as Clint has at Chuck E Cheese!!!

After Chuck E Cheese we had some of the K's sleep over and the next day we went to the dinosaur museum. Here is all of them playing in the wet sand!
I think they played a little hard, this is what happened on the way to Kent & Kim's!
Noah had such a great day! Thanks to all of our family who came out to play and eat cupcakes with us! He got some great stuff and had so much fun!

1st Jazz Game

A month or so ago we were lucky enough to get some Jazz tickets (Thanks Grandpa). It was Nik & Nate's first time at an NBA game and they had a lot of fun! We had really great seats which definitely helps it be more fun....and the Jazz actually won!!!

Cute Boys!!!


I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already! It seems like it goes by faster every year! Here are a few pictures from the season!The boys with the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point

Here is Nik telling Santa he wants 'Sorry Sliders' for Christmas

Noah asking Santa for 'lots of Batman stuff'

Nate asking for a transformer!
(yep my kids were pretty easy to please this year!)

We finally got a picture with my Grandpa Ron & Arlene

I waited until the week of Christmas to look for PJ's so we ended up with white shirts & black sweats, but the boys thought they were awesome! (see what I mean about easy to please this year)

Christmas Eve after opening the PJ's

Nate with his presents!

Nik with his presents!

Noah with his presents!

Noah with his cool Batman car

Nik & Nate got tons of K'Nex & Legos...can you say teeny tiny pieces everywhere!

All in all it was a great Christmas this year! The boys had such a great day with all their cousins and grandmas & grandpas! Plus we got to talk to Uncle Chris so that just made it all the better!
(Although I will admit that it is really nice to have all the Christmas stuff put away and life back to our normal schedule!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!!