Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Noah turned 3 years old on Sunday. I can't believe that my baby is 3! Time goes way too fast and I can't believe what a big boy he is already. We started the day out with the traditional birthday pancakes

then we opened some presents. Noah got a big boy bike so he can learn to ride with his brothers when it warms up outside!

After church we had dinner and then had all our family (both sides=little chaotic) come over for cake and ice cream! It was a lot of fun and Noah got lots of fun presents. We love you Noah and are so glad you are a part of our family. Thanks for always keeping us on our toes!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Time

So I can't believe Christmas is over already! It seems like so much work and then it is gone before you have time to enjoy it! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is recovering from all the craziness. We had a fun Christmas this year. On the 23rd we went to temple square which was beautiful as always but it was soooo cold! We rode trax downtown and the boys had more fun on "the train" then they did seeing the lights but hey it's tradition right?!? Here is all my boys on trax and at Temple Square.

Here is the boys on Christmas eve in their new PJ's

Then on Christmas day after opening presents we went to my parents and got to talk to Chris which was great. He is doing so good and loving every minute of his mission in Alaska! He did say that it is FREEZING!!! But he loves it! After my parents we went to Clints parents and the boys had the time of their lives playing out on the snowmobiles-they are definitely their fathers children! I think Nik and his cousins Audrey & Kyler would've stayed out all night if we let them!

Had to have a picture of my little angels making snow angels!

And Noah eating the snow!

All in all it was a great Christmas although I will definitely finish my shopping a lot earlier next year! Thanks to all our family and friends who made this Christmas so much fun! We love you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best Husband EVER!!

So I just want to take a minute to give a shout out to my wonderful husband! He is the best husband, father, & man that I know! I am so lucky that he chose me and that I get to spend eternity with him! Last week Clint was out of town the first half of the week and by the time he got back I was a wreck (kudos to you moms who's husbands work out of town a lot I don't know how you do it!) But on Friday morning when I woke up Clint told me Camie & Jeff were coming over that afternoon to stay with the boys overnight! He took me to Salt Lake where we walked around at the Gateway and started a little Chritmas shopping! Then we went to our hotel which overlooked the Gallivan Center Ice Rink and walked around there a whileIt was so nice to just relax and be with the man of my dreams for a while uniterrupted! A BIG Thanks to Camie & Jeff we owe you guys!! and Thanks Clint for being the Best! I love you!!

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So I can't believe it is Christmas time! We took the boys to Thanksgiving Point on Monday to see Santa. We had to wait in a pretty long line but they had fun seeing him. Except for Noah, he didn't want anything to do with Santa! But they gave us a picture and it actually turned out pretty good! They also had two reindeer outside which the boys thought was awesome! Nate really wanted to know why neither of them had a red nose though.
So we've barely started Christmas shopping and I am dreading it! Although we do keep telling the boys that all they are getting for Christmas is a new window! (Nik broke the window in their bedroom the other day-bad timing on his part!) But I don't think they would be too happy with that! Nate wants a Utah Raptor(he's obsessed with dinosaurs) and Nik wants a Monster Truck (even though Clint just got them each one a week ago) and who knows what Noah wants probably just something he doesn't have to share with his brothers!
I hope everyone else is more ready for Christmas than I am! Merry Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i LOVE ryan shupe & the rubberband!!!

So on Saturday night Clint and I took the boys to the Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband Christmas Concert! We had so much fun. I wish I would've brought the camera, but like most fun things we do I forgot it! My mom & dad came which was nice for me and Clint because the boys don't want anything to do with us when grandma & grandpa are around! If you haven't heard Ryan Shupe you should definitely check them out at http://www.shupe.net/ (yes I am slightly obsessed with them) I love their music and they put on the best show ever! We took the boys to see them this summer when they played at Thanksgiving Point and it was so fun sitting outside rocking out, and ever since then all the boys(especially my little Noah) have been obsessed! We have to listen to "The Corndog Song" (which now is the eggnog song) or "The Superman Song" every time we get in the car! If you ever have a chance to see them in concert GO! So much fun! Thanks Mom & Dad for coming with us and putting up with boys climbing all over you the whole time!!