Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So it finally snowed last week and my boys were SO excited! They all love the snow! Nik & Nate were really worried that it would melt before they got home from pre-school and had a chance to play in it, but luckily it was cold that day and it stuck around for a while.

Here is Nate & Nik all bundled up and ready to get playing!

They just can't get enough of the snow! Nate really wanted to go to Grandpa Jepperson's and ride snowmobiles!

Here is our snowman that we built! I think it looks more like a monkey but oh well! Nik & Nate were pretty mad that I didn't have any carrots for the nose but they found a golf ball and decided that would work just fine!

Here is Noah with our 'Monkey' Snowman!

Noah was taking a nap when Nik & Nate went out to play and they had already come inside when he got up so he went out all by himself and I bet he played in the snow for at least 2 hours! He had a blast! Especially throwing snow at mom!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can you believe it's November?

October flew by so fast!
Especially the last couple of weeks!
So Nik had a crazy month he lost both bottom front teeth and he fell off the kitchen chair and split his head open and had to get a staple in it! Fun Stuff!
Isn't he cute without teeth?

Halloween was pretty fun we went to Gardner Village on Wednesday to see all the witches, the boys had a lot of fun! Then on Thursday Nik & Nate had their Halloween program and carnival at school. It was also Clint's birthday so he went with us and then we came home and made him a cake while he went to work for a while. When he came home we carved pumpkins with the kids and then Camie came over to watch the boys so we could go out to dinner! Thanks Camie!! Then on Friday Noah's class had their little carnival so I took Nik & Noah to that in the morning. Nate had been up all night puking so luckily Grandma Jepperson came to sit with him so I could take the other two. Thanks Grandma! Then that afternoon we went to the grandparents houses and a trunk or treat at Doug Smith Autoplex then we came home and tried to go trick or treating but poor Nate was still not feeling good so after 3 houses he was done so him and Noah went home to hand out candy with dad while Nik and I went around the neighborhood. So I guess at least Nik had a good Halloween!
Here we are at Gardner Village on our witch hunt!
Noah didn't want to get too close to the witches!
Here's Nik & Nate at their Halloween program! Are they not the cutest superheroes ever!!
The boys were pretty proud of all of the pumpkins that we carved!
Here is the 'Happy' Birthday Boy!! I love you sweetie!!
Here we are ready to go trick or treating! Clint wouldn't get dressed up with me but oh well I had fun being a 'loser' all by myself!

Another pic of my super cute superheroes!!
How cute is my little lion!
Noah did not like to have the head on because the hair would get in his face-but he was so cute!

All in all it was a fun Halloween I just wish Nate would've felt better. I tried to tell him that you aren't supposed to get sick until after you eat all the candy but oh well there is always next year!