Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Noah's BIG BooBoo!

Noah has a really bad habit of jumping on our couches. We have tried to tell him on multiple occasions that he is going to get hurt but of course he just says he won't and continues to jump. Well on Sunday he was jumping on our blue couch and fell off the highest part right onto his face!
This is the result!
At first I thought it was just a little cut that was dripping blood down his face but when Clint tried to wipe it off we realized it was a cut that went all the way down the side of his face!
I think we are going to have to buy some mederma real soon!
But of course it didn't keep him from jumping on the couches. He is right back to his old self! We love you booger!

can we go to the "bug museum"?

So last week we were trying to think of something to do with the boys. I was having a hard time trying to come up with something fun but cheap! Luckily I remembered the boys asking when we could go to the "bug museum" again. The "bug museum" is actually the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU and Nik & Nate had gone on a field trip there last year with their pre-school class and loved it! Best of all it is FREE (my favorite part)!! Here are some of our favorite pics from the day!

They were most excited to see the polar bear. Nate loves polar bears!

This is all my boys watching a movie about polar bears hunting. Must've been pretty good judging by the look on Clint's face! Love you sweetie! I also love that Noah just sprawls out on the floor like he owns the place!

The boys loved all the bears especially the ones you could get so close too.

I love the lions!

Had to get pictures with the animals that are in Alaska with Uncle Chris!
The Moose and the Zodiak Bear!

Couldn't leave without getting a picture with "Shasta the Liger"

We had such a good time and Clint took us to Stans afterward for a yummy ice cream cone!
So if anyone is looking for something fun to do with the kids that is super cheap I definitely recomend the "bug museum"!

dinosaur museum

So our membership at thanksgiving point was expiring this month so we made one last run to the dinosaur museum (the boys favorite place on earth!) They always have so much fun and would go every day if we'd let them! Here are a few pics from our day there!

This is the boys playing in the "wet sand".
This is their favorite part of the museum!

Here they are sitting on "Cera".
Needless to say they are big fans of all the Land Before Time movies.

This is them digging in the "dry sand". They love uncovering all the bones!

I'm hoping I can talk Clint into getting a membership there this year too we had so much fun the past year going to the museum, the farm, & the gardens(my favorite)! Love it!

the other lost tooth

So Nate has lost his other tooth! It didn't seem that long since my last post but I was looking at the date on the picture and it was clear back on Jan. 27th that he lost the 2nd one! Crazy how time flies. We almost lost this one too, I was brushing his teeth and he looked up at me and said mom I think my tooth fell out and I said well where is it and he points to the sink and it is sitting halfway down the drain! Luckily I was able to get a Q-tip and guide it out! Phew! Nate was pretty worried (he needed it to put under his pillow for the tooth fairy) But we got it out and he got his dollar from the tooth fairy!