Thursday, November 5, 2009


On Sunday we took a jeep ride up AF Canyon. We thought we better get one more in before they close the gates! It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful canyon. We also got to see some snow which the boys were super excited about!


So I didn't take hardly any pictures on Halloween (yes I suck) Hopefully Kim got a couple of my kids too while she was shooting her kids! Kent & Kim were nice enough to let us come hang out and go trick or treating with them since we are pretty much neighborhoodless (I'm sure that's a word!?!) at this point in life! Thanks guys I know you're probably sick of us by now, but my kids love hanging out with the K's more than anything else in the world!
Anyways here are the only Halloween pics I have...

This is Nate & Nik on Friday after their Halloween party at school. Since they couldn't wear makeup we sprayed their hair instead. That tub water was NASTY!!!
Here is all my boys. We were all supposed to be Jedi's for Halloween but at the last minute Nik & Nate decided they wanted to be vampires and Noah decided he wanted to be Batman! So Clint was left the lone Star Wars character (But I must say he did a pretty dang good job on his Darth Maul makeup!)
Noah felt left out that he didn't get makeup (because Batman has a mask) so he decided to take matters into his own hands and do his own! (Gotta love the gross, slobbery vampire teeth too)
Hope everyone had a super fun Halloween!


Just a shout out to my sweet hubby! Hope you had a happy happy birthday! Can you believe this sexy guy is 35?!? Love Him!!!

Hole in the Rock & Bryce Canyon

So the day after we moved we left to go down to Hole in the Rock. We dragged Kent & Kim & their kiddos with us and had such a great time!
This is how we started out! All 3 boys actually took a nap on the way there.
On Thursday we drove down to Bryce Canyon and just swam and played around. The next day we headed to Escalante to go to Hole in the Rock.
Nik, Kyler & Nate...otherwise known as the triplets!
In the jeep on the way to Hole in the Rock
This pic of Nate cracks me up! He won't let us cut his hair!
Us at Hole in the Rock
Kent & Kim at Hole in the Rock
Hole in the RockHole in the crazy that the pioneers actually got wagons down this!
All the boys in a slot canyon that we stopped at on the way back from Hole in the Rock...where we might have got lost on the way back to the car, in the dark. For more info see Kim's Blog (It's hilarious!)
All the kids in the slot canyonSnake in slot canyon
The next day we went to Bryce Canyon before we headed home. Bryce Canyon is definitely my favorite place! So Beautiful!
Us at Bryce Canyon
The 5 little boys
Kolby & Noah
Nate, Kyler & Nik
Us at Bryce Canyon
Hike outside of Bryce
Wow that's a lot of boys! Kim & I are seriously outnumbered!
Clint on hike outside of Bryce
Clint & Noah
Clint & Noah
We had such a great time! A big thank you to Kim & Kent for coming along! My boys think everything is funner with the K's!
(Wow that's a lot of pictures! Sorry!)


Another soccer season has come to an end! The boys had so much fun this year and they had a really good team! They still need to learn to go after the ball but they are definitely getting better! Here are a few pics from soccer this year!
Nate kicking it in
Nik kicking it in
They had such a great coach this year. At the end of the season he gave each member of the team a trophy with their name & the team name on it. Nik & Nate thought it was so cool to have their very own trophy!
Here they are posing with their trophies!

Noah's Fieldtrip

Noah had a field trip to Hee Haw Farms and had soooo much fun! Clint took him which he was really excited about! He did not stop talking about it for a week at least!

Here he is on the big slide with dad and Ace(our cute neighbors son)
He got to pick out a pumpkin and bring it home
Such a cute kid!
And here he is with the famous Leroy!Clint took so many great pictures and they both had so much fun! Noah can't wait to go again next year!

Crazy Life!

So things have been a bit crazy around here lately! We sold our house and moved to a condo last month and just found out the condo got sold so we have to move again! Twice in one month...Good Times! Oh well, I have definitely decided condo living is not for us. I feel like I'm yelling all day for the boys to be quiet or stop jumping, etc. so I'm actually very glad we are moving. We have found a house in Pleasant Grove to rent while we look for one to buy. Change is good right? I sure hope so because we've had a lot lately! Anyways I haven't updated for a while so I'll just apologize now for the huge amount of pictures that will be coming!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Park City

So we were planning on going camping last weekend but when Clint got home from work we decided it seemed like too much work and decided to go to Park City instead! It was a really fun weekend, we pretty much just swam the entire time! I even got one last good sunburn for the summer. We also took the boys down the alpine slide and they loved it! Nik & Nate can't wait to go next year and see if they are big enough to go down by themselves (that's a scary thought!)

Here is Nik

here is Nate...
and here is Noah...

On our way home we drove up to the Uintas and stopped by the provo river falls. It is so beautiful there! Then we went up to Mirror Lake but only got out for a minute because it started raining and hailing like crazy (which made me really glad we didn't go camping because that's where Clint had talked about going, we would've been freezing and drenched!)

Our exciting story from the trip to the falls is that Nik was walking through the water and stepped in a fast moving part and his flip flop flew right off his foot and over the edge. I thought for sure we'd seen the last of that flip flop but Clint hiked down and sure enough it had gotten pulled to the outside of the rivers edge and was just floating around!
The Flip Flop Rescuer!
I just love this picture of Nik!
Thanks Sweetie for a super fun weekend! You are the best!
Thanks for the best 9 years ever! I Love You!