Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First camping trip of the year!

So we finally got the tent out Friday and went camping! We just packed up the jeep and went up AF canyon. We found the best camping spot and didn't see a soul the whole time( until we headed back down anyway), it was great! We found the best place for pictures (now we just need to figure out how to get Kim there to take our family pics!) and had a really great time! The weather was so nice on Friday but on Saturday we woke up to the lovely sound of rain. We hurried and packed up the tent and fixed us a yummy breakfast (thanks Clint) and decided to go for a jeep ride. We started going up to Forest Lake but didn't get very far before we heard a lovely hissing noise, yep a whole right in the side wall of the tire, must have hit a sharp rock! Clint changed the tire (in the rain) in record time, I gotta tell you I was pretty impressed, while I stood by and watched pretending I was helping!?! After that we called it a day but it was really fun and hopefully will be the first of many camp trips this summer!

This was my try at a family photo! I almost got it!

Clint, Nate & Nik

Noah, Nik, & Clint

Cheesy Me

This is just so we have something to bribe him with later! Haha!


Noah & Nate


Noah & Nik

These are some pics from a jeep ride the week before of Nik eating a smore.
They are just so cute I have to post them!

Nothing better than a smore in the canyon! Love it!

PG Carnival

So we took the boys to the Pleasant Grove carnival Thursday! It was pretty ghetto like most carnivals are and it was crazy expensive, but the boys had a lot of fun!

Here is Nate on the Big Slide (this is their favorite thing)

Nik on the Big Slide

Noah on the Big Slide

Noah & Nik on the monster truck ride
Here is Noah going on a ride all by himself which was pretty shocking to me.
My baby is getting too brave!

I took a bottle of hand sanitizer and made them put it on every time they got off a ride or touched a gate or anything, they thought I was crazy!
Good Times!

Kennecott Copper Mine

Last Wednesday we went to the Kennecott Copper Mine with Camie & Max, Kim, Kaden, Kyler & Kolby, Jenny, Rylie, Paisley, & Hazen! When we got to the security check in it was sprinkling a little bit and the guard told us it was raining on top but hopefully it would blow over soon. So we drive up to the visitors center and it is a downpour! The parking lot was pretty much just a muddy river everywhere, ankle deep in some spots! So we ate our picnic lunches in our cars and then ran for cover in the visitors center. We looked around and watched the movie thinking it would stop raining soon, no such luck! So we went outside to look at the mine-if you haven't been there it is quite a sight to see, it is a massive whole with tons of huge dump trucks everywhere, my boys love it! You couldn't see very well this day because of all the rain but it was still fun!
This is the only pic I got of most of us. Camie & Kim ran for cover soon afterwards j/k!

My cute boys!

Only my boys and Jenny's kids wanted to brave the rain for pictures, and we paid for it. Let's just say it was a VERY wet ride home!! But they had so much fun, my boys love to play in the rain!

eThanks Camie, Kim & Jenny for a super fun day, even with the rain!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Bike Ride & Some Dangerous Pancakes!

So Saturday was the big bike ride! For those of you who might not know I have been training for this bike ride for a while. My mom, Jenny, Katrina, Melanie & I road in the Little Red Riding Hood women only bike ride in Wellsville and it was a blast! We all rode the 38 miler (or 36, 35, 37 who really knows but I'll stick with 38!) and we all did so good! I was pretty impressed with myself because I was able to stick with Katrina the whole way, although she did pull me most of the way so I'm pretty sure she could've killed me if she wanted too! But I felt really good and I think we did an awesome job! My speedometer battery died halfway through so I don't know exactly how long it took us so that sucked but it was such a fun time and I have definitely found a new love in biking. I think I have even convinced Jenny and Mom to do the ULCER with me and I think we might even do the 100 miler!!! Guess I better get training even harder! Love it!

Here are all of us just before we started the race
Mel, Mom, Katrina, Me, Jen
I think Mel had the most interesting ride with her 911 call and all(she came upon a crash where a lady had dislocated her shoulder!) But we all had such a great time! Thanks Katrina for telling us about the ride and getting us all to do it! And especially thanks to my wonderful dad, who signed us all up and got me all set up with new tires, bike shorts (aka diaper pants), the works! He is the best bike trainer & mechanic ever and we couldn't have done it without him! Love you dad!!! Hopefully it's the start of a yearly tradition!

So about the dangerous pancakes...We had left Friday afternoon to drive to Wellsville for a luau and then we stayed in Logan at my Aunt Laurie's (thank you so much Laurie, we love you! Next year you're riding with us!) Anyways right when we got to Logan I noticed I had a picture message on my phone with no text so I open it up and this is all I see
(Clints phone takes crappy pics, but I could tell it was Noah with some big ouchie on his face!)
So I call Clint and say what happened, he then went on to explain how he was making pancakes for dinner and the boys were all sitting on the bar watching him cook them. When he told them to get down Noah somehow managed to tangle up his legs and fall face first onto the edge of the grill! He ended up burning his cheek pretty deaply, his ear, and his hand! I tell you that kid is a walking accident, we are definitely going to have to call him scarface now!
Here is what it looks like today. I guess we will be going to buy some Mederma for sure now!
Poor thing he is such a disaster! At least it's on the same side as the couch incident, so one side of his face can still be scar free(for now anyways)! Luckily it doesn't seem to bother him at all so that's good. We might have to put this kid in a bubble, but we love him to death!

To ride a bike...and play in the rain

Last year for Nik & Nate's birthday we got them some bikes, we got them pretty big so they could 'grow' into them. For a while now I have been trying to talk the boys into learning to ride their bikes without training wheels but they have not been interested in trying but on Thursday I told them I was going to take the training wheels off Noah's bike so they could learn how to ride on a little bike and they said okay so off we went! I ran with each of them up & down the street once and off they went! Both of them can start, ride, and stop themselves on Noah's bike like nobody's business but their bikes are still way too big, they can barely touch their tiptoes standing over the bar(so they didn't grow as fast as we maybe thought), but Noah really wanted his bike back so Nik got on his and I just give him a push and he rides forever. Nate is still pretty scared of his big bike he always tells me "Mom, I can't do that till I'm 6!" like I should know that already, I think he just saw Nik crash one too many times since that was the only way he could get off! But I am very proud of how fast they both took off and just wish I would've tried sooner!
This is Nate riding for the 1st time!

This is Nik's 1st ride!
I sent Clint these pics on his phone and called him up and said "It's been a pretty productive day. I mowed the lawn and taught two boys to ride bikes all before noon!" It was a good, fun day! And Nik & Nat couldn't wait to show dad when he got home from work!

On another note...A couple weeks ago the boys were outside playing when it started pouring rain! They took their little chairs out to the middle of the lawn and just sat in it. They were soaked to the bone but were having the time of their lives! Just had to post this pic it makes me smile!
Love these boys!!!