Sunday, May 24, 2009


So we finally went on a jeep ride Saturday! The boys have been asking forever when we could go, and they finally opened the gates up the canyon so we had to take advantage of it! There were a ton of people up the canyon for the holiday weekend but we left them all in the dust and went and found us some snow!

Me & My Boys

All of My Boys...aren't they cute!

Nate, Noah, & Nik...these boys love their Jeep!

Nik loving the snow

Nate getting ready to throw a snowball

We saw this huge elk, at first I thought it was a horse!

We found this baby elk (or deer who really knows) laying on the side of the road. We were guessing the elk above was maybe its mother. I hope it makes it, it wasn't moving much. I think we're going to try to go back up on Monday to see if it survived. Keep your fingers crossed!
It was a really fun day and the boys are so glad that it is finally time to start jeeping again!

Preschool Graduation!!!

Nik & Nate graduated from preschool on Wednesday! I can't believe it is over already! They had a cute little program where they sang tons of cute songs and recited poems, it was so much fun. I was so proud of them, they have grown so much this year. At last years graduation they would not even stand up let alone sing anything and this year they sang all the songs, even doing the actions, and they knew all their poems!

Nik, Ms. Nettie, Nate, & Ms. Jennifer

I was so excited to see them actually doing the actions!!!

I thought Nik was going to get pushed off the bench doing this song!

Nik getting a hug from Ms. Nettie (Nates hug was too quick for the camera)

My Little Graduates!

They are growing up so fast and I just wish I could hold onto them being little boys a little bit longer, but they will just not slow down! They are sooo excited for kindergarten, they just can't wait (and I am scared to death to send them!)
I love you boys! Congrats!!

Heritage Park

Last Sunday after church we took a walk down to heritage park so the boys could play in the river! We had a lot of fun and took a bunch of pictures so be prepared for a lot of them!
They had so much fun walking back and forth through the freezing cold river!

Clint and I chillin on the grass!

Nik just being silly!

My cute Nate

Crazy Noah

I love this one of Nik...Pure Joy!

Nate doing a little dance

My little Noah

Nik, Noah & Nate resting on a bench on the walk home.
They are such good little hikers, we're just trying to get them ready for all the hiking we plan on doing this summer! Can't wait!

Last Soccer Game

Nik & Nate had their last soccer game of the season and I finally remembered to bring my camera! They did such a great job at soccer this spring and had so much fun!Here are a few pics from their last game!
Nate & Nik
(yep their uniforms were way to big and almost looked like dresses! But they are still super cute!)

Nik & Nate (it was a little sunny)

waiting to take the field

Nik waiting for the ball to come to him

That was hard work!!!
Now bring on the pitch starts soon!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Australia here we come!

Yes they finally came!
Now I can stop stressing over if they'll get here in time!
I'm getting more excited everyday! Hope you're ready for us Travis & Michelle, we'll see ya in about 6 weeks! Yeah!!


So I'm a little slow blogging about this but on May 2nd I got to go see wicked! It was SO Fabulous! The music is amazing (although Clint is really sick of me playing it 24/7 now) and the singers were excellent! Thank you Dad & Mom so much for the tickets!

Lynette, Shannon, & Mom

Katrina, Melanie, & Alex

Me & Jenny

We had a fabulous girls day with my mom, sister, sister-in-laws, and my moms two sisters! We should do this more often-right girls!!! Thanks again mom & dad you're the best!