Monday, March 19, 2012

This past weekend I did something so far out of my comfort zone.
I went to the LDS widow & widowers conference.
I did not know a single person there and for those of you who know me at all you know that I am NOT a people person! In fact I almost turned around and walked out when I got there.
But what an amazing experience!! I learned SO much and met so many amazing people. It was really nice to be surrounded by so many others who unfortunately understood what it's like to have lost a spouse.
The title of this conference was "Finding Joy In Your Journey" and when I got home some one had posted this on facebook and it reminded me of some of the things I'd heard at the conference. (except I would change the 'have' to 'had')

I know I still have a life to live, still don't know what it will consist of, but I do know that I came away with a renewed desire to be happy. And more than anything I want my three amazing boys to be happy!
Another thing I came away from this conference with was how blessed I really am. I was one of the few people there who is lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing supportive family (amazing in-laws included) and amazing friends. I really don't know how people get through something like this without support. So to all of you out there who are there for me every single day, thank you SO much, you truly will never know how much you mean to me!

Plus it was a great reminder that I have eternity to look forward to with the most incredible man there is! Can't wait!! I love you sweetie!


Laurie said...

Amy, so glad you went to the conference. Look how much happiness those boys are bringing to you - by reading your blog, it looks like you've been having so much fun! I know that you've learned the true meaning of "making the most of what we have", because most people put off even having fun with their kids, because there's always tomorrow, right? You are an inspiration to everyone, and I, for one, am VERY proud of you!
Love you tons...

Kyle and Shanalee said...

I am so glad that you didn't turn back at the door when you went to the conference! It sounds like such an amazing experience. Hope you are doing well.